Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Recap

This weekend flew by. I had a great weekend though. My summer if officially over. My college math class starts today. Sorry for such a long ramdling post.

- Friday night I declared it was date night. Dave and I had to go to Great Northern mall to go pick up one of my rings. He bought me a set with earrings, a necklace, and a ring all with red heart ruby's. I got the ring sized the week before. Wore it once and one of the ruby's feel out. I took it back and it was suppose to be ready after 6 for pick-up. It was ready but we waited a half an hour and was. While at Great Northern I also returned one of my birthday presents from my mom and got a giftcard.
After leaving Great Northern we went to Strongsville Mall. We walked around there for a while. We stopped inside a new pet store they had there. They had chi-weenies for $600. (my husband wants one) He said that was rediculas of a price. We ended up over at the other pet store which also had one. We got that one out and held it and played with it. The price for that one was $1200. I can't see paying that much for a dog. I will go rescue one from a shelter when we decide to actually get one.
After shopping at the mall I made it a treat to go to Red Lobster. We don't go there as much as we use to and it is my husbands favorite. We have never had a bad meal or service here. We just end up going broke, but it is well worth it.
- Saturday I had to work in the morning until 2. I have my schedule set this way so we can go racing, but since we blew the motor a few weeks ago Saturdays are free to do whatever until it is fixed. I came home and just relaxed the rest of the night for the most part. I did laundry, had my husband move the china cabinet, and watched the Nascar race on tv. I also had to go pick up my dad and sister cause her car broke down. I took them to drop dinner off at my mom's work, then back home.
- Sunday was a busy crazy day. We slept in til like 10:30. This doesn't happen to much since I normally work on Sundays. I was going through the cupboards seeing what we had to eat and found ants. This started the cleaning spree of the kitchen. My loving hubby did make me pancakes as I was cleaning though. In between cleaning my husband and I keep running up the where my sisters car broke down at. He keep trying to get it to start, this took a good couple of hours, with running home for tools, going back, running home to get a wiring diagram, going back, ... Finally he figured out what was the problem, fixed it and we took it back to her.
While cleaning the cupboards, Dave accidently broke a clip the holds up a shelf. He ended up using a golf tee to replace it. It worked. Since I had everything out of the cupboard, I decided to inventory it again to see what I needed to go buy. I didn't realize I only had one can of vegetables.

When I was finally done with putting all the food away and about to go grocery shopping my mother in law and niece show up. My in-laws all have the habit of showing up un-announced. They stayed for about an hour. Once they left Dave and I went grocery shopping. We had to rush since the store closed in an hour. I hate being there so close to closing time.
While I was making dinner Dave was paying with Furball, as peaches was lazy in the window.
After dinner both cats got for flea baths. Furball doesn't seem to mind the baths so much, peaches on the other hand goes and hides.

When baths were done I took a shower then Dave and I hugged and watched a movie. It is always a good weekend when I get to spend it with my loving husband doing "normal" married couple stuff.


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