Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Life Changes

I know I say this every time but it has sure been a while. Where has the time gone. Being a mom has changed my life so much more than I expected. I love being a mom and watching my daughter grow every day. I do want her to stay small though. She is growing up so fast.

I can't believe it is February 1, 2012. Where did 2011 go and January. Time surely flies. Things will be here before we know it:
- 1 day until Aubriella is 4 months
- 9 days until my 10 year anniversary since we started dating.
- 11 days until Valentines Day
- 140 days until my 4 year anniversary
- 148 days until I turn 27
- 170 days until vacation
- 244 days until Aubriella turns 1
- 327 days until Christmas

Time surely does fly.

Lets see what has changed in my life.
- I am no longer at my hair cutting job where I was assistant manager. I was working there and at Dunkin Donuts still, with crazy hours, barely any sleep and never seeing my little pumpkin or husband. It is for the best to find something where I can still have somewhat of a life and my world not have to completely revolve around work. Unfortunately the company believed work comes before family which is not the case in my life.
- I am still working at Dunkin Donuts a few days a week just for some extra money. I am looking for a full time job that is more stable with possible benefits.
- I can live without sleep. I use to sleep all the time but now I've learned to run on less hours of sleep. I may get more crabby but it happens.
- My car is almost payed off. I have one more payment. Yippee.
- We got a puppy. Well a dog, just small. He is two years old named Nicky. A family friend had to get rid of him due to moving arrangements and all the no kill shelters in the area are full. I am a sucker. So far he is doing pretty good. He has only eaten a few things. We are just getting use to having to let him out and what what we leave laying around. Nicky is a minature doberman pincher

- I use to be a neat freak. Having a baby who wants to be held or played with makes it hard at times to get things done. Dishes get left in the sink, clothes don't get put away, the floors don't get sweep. and OMG it hasn't killed me yet.
- I will leave the house with no make-up on. I am not a big whole face make-up girl anyways. I normally only do my eyes: eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara. Now I have no problem leaving without any on. Half the time if I don't work my hair isn't done just up in a pony tail.


Stacey said...

Yep, having a baby totally changes everything. lol I can't believe how much she has grown!

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